Family Gardening Workshop

The #RWO (Rodzinne Warsztaty Ogrodnicze) Family Gardening Workshop is an annual series of meetings promoting gardening knowledge in stores and garden centers across the country. This unique project has been running since 2016 and is increasingly popular among plant enthusiasts.

The workshop is run by a long-time friend and brand ambassador - Witold Czuksanow

  • journalist and author of books on gardening topics
  • co-creator of the TV programs "Laurel for the Gardener" and "A Year in the Garden"
  • an expert and gardening enthusiast with many years of experience.

The workshops can be attended by anyone, regardless of experience, as they are intended for longtime enthusiasts of greenery, as well as for those who are just beginning their adventure with gardening - especially children.  

Sharing knowledge and good practices in gardening is part of the DNA of the KRONEN group, so the goal of these workshops is first and foremost education. During the event, we teach how to take care of plants, and we are always open to your questions. We provide advice, assistance and knowledge.

We give each event a topic, usually related to the current plant offer promoted by the place. We organize workshops in cooperation with our partners - companies that own horticultural brands and media patrons. In the 2022 season it's Kwazar and Biznes Ogrodniczy.