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Podłoża KRONEN®

The KRONEN® brand is one of the leading substrate brands in Europe. It is present in many countries around the world including: Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Taiwan, South. Korea, Japan and China.

The KRONEN® brand is the premium brand of the KRONEN® Group, which brings together Polish and Swedish resource and production companies belonging to one family.

KRONEN® substrates for professional gardening and the hobby segment are the basis for growth and flourishing in the cultivation of vegetables, herbs, decorative plants, shrubs, trees. The KRONEN® brand contributes to the success of our Partners and Customers.

KRONEN® substrates have been produced at Lasland Ltd. since 1987, based on more than 90 years of experience and a license from the German parent company. The company's strengths are: its own resources - peat and wood fiber - Ecofibrex®, compost, technologically modern production lines, many years of experience in the production of substrates and, above all, our Employees, who invariably strive to make KRONEN® substrates the best, and Partners and Customers satisfied.

Quality control covers the entire production process from raw materials, through components, individual stages of production and final substrates. Lasland Ltd. has been ISO-certified since 1997. Currently, the Quality Management System is in accordance with the current ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our priority is that both the offer and service meet the highest quality requirements of customers. We strive to provide our partners with not only very good substrates, but also a sense of security and comfort when working with us.

About Us