Wood fibers - an alternative to peat

The search for a material to replace peat in crops has been going on for years. Peat, which due to its properties is considered the best base in the production of substrates. Unfortunately, it is a resource that is difficult to renew, and we should manage it wisely.

Research in recent years indicates that the parameters of peat and specially harvested wood fibers are similar. Therefore, are wood fibers, which are a quickly renewable resource, an alternative to peat?

In practice, it has been found that wood fibers, as a substrate component, are excellent for nursery and other container and soil cultivation. However, on their own, they should not form a substrate or be its base. Wood fibers added in the right proportions improve the parameters of the substrate, especially beneficial for loosening the structure and drainage.

In the products of Lasland Ltd. Ecofibrex® is a component of selected KRONEN® specialized substrates and the NATURA® line of soils, which meet the requirements for environmentally friendly substrates.