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There are at least
5 reasons to work with us


The presence of the KRONEN® brand in the market since 1988 has earned the trust of several generations. As a result, it is very well perceived by customers. We are the leader in the market segment of manufacturers of horticultural substrates in Poland!


We have behind us many years of daily hard and intensive work, which we approach with passion and commitment. We set ourselves ambitious goals and development targets!


Satisfaction of even the most demanding gardeners with the performance of our horticultural substrates is something that both satisfies us and motivates us to constantly improve our product items.


All our business Partners perceive us as a trusted and reliable manufacturer. We have an interesting and artacious business offer! It is worth starting business partnership with us!

Sales support:

We conduct a number of effective marketing activities during the season.

Companies selling our products can count on promotional materials (guides, flyers, catalogs, gadgets, corporate clothing, banners, displays), advertising on: TV, Internet, press, radio, organization of a gardening event in the form of Family Gardening Workshops or Garden Advice Days.

You can count on us to be open to your ideas and initiatives!

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