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KRONEN® New-generation ECO-compost

The KRONEN ECO-compost  CO₂-FERM is a new-generation bioactive compost with microorganisms and minerals, made by anaerobic fermentation according to the patent held by prominent plant producers. The use of the KRONEN ECO-compost 

 CO₂-FERM has many advantages and brings tangible benefits:


  • contains humus and stimulates its formation 
  • improves aeration and supports water circulation
  • Crumbly structure enhances optimum root development
  • Suitable for organic farming


  • improves the structure 
  • prevents soil erosion and depletion
  • enriches with nutrients, fertilizes
  • stimulates the biological life of the soil 


  • made from local, rapidly renewable raw materials
  • the CO₂ produced in the process of composting is not released into the atmosphere

Available in packs: 15 l, 25 l, 40 l

The KRONEN ECO-compost  CO₂-FERM is a new-generation bioactive compost with microorganisms and minerals, made by anaerobic fer,entation according to the patent held by prominent plant producers.


  • Organic material with stable humus forms
  • Microorganisms
  • Minerals


  • New-generation bioactive compost
  • Made from valuable residues by anaerobic fermentation
  • Ready-to-use
  • Odourless
  • Pollution-free
  • Eco-friendly

When growing vegetables and decorative plants in the ground:

Use before sowing. Spread a layer of 2-5 cm, mix with the soil layer to the depth of about 10 cm, and level the surface. 

Starting and regenerating lawns:

In the spring, spread a layer of 3-4 cm, mix it with the soil to the depth of about 15 cm, level the surface, sow the seeds, and roll.

Planting of decorative trees and shrubs:

Mix the soil from the hole with the eco-compost at the ratio of 1:3, plant the plant, slightly compact the soil.

Pot and balcony plants:

Mix the eco-compost with another substrate at the ratio of 1:4. 

Storage: In a closed package, out of the reach of children and animals; protect from the weather. 

Precautions: When working in a garden, wear protective gloves and observe the principles of hygiene.

Do not use with acid-loving crops

KRONEN® New-generation ECO-compost
KRONEN® New-generation ECO-compost

Worth knowing:

When planting fruit trees and shrubs, as well as other perennial garden plants, it is a good idea to prepare holes twice as deep as normal and empty a bag of compost into the bottom. This will provide not only a supply of natural humus and nutrients, but also a medium in which soil microorganisms beneficial to roots will grow over time.